Are we at Peace?

Are we at Peace?

Are we at peace? It is directly related to happiness!!

“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or external interferences. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Everyone in this world is almost stressed throughout the day knowingly or unknowingly. Are you aware how much stressed you are, are you aware of the after effects of that stress? Have you thought about it? Have you thought about the negativity it creates? These are the questions I ask myself day in and day out!!
In fact many including me don’t know what creates that stress, each and everyone are so used to such a fast and stressful life where we don’t either know to live without it or the positives we get by avoiding the stress and keeping some peace.
When I say stress, I refer to the impatience of every one of us which disturbs our internal happiness. Whenever we lose our cool, nerves due to an external factor let it be an incident, an individual, an outcome or anything which creates a negative impact.

We tend to lose our cool whenever a result doesn’t go our way, whenever things don’t happen the way we want it to and much more. What exactly happens there is we are not ready to accept the change which has happened, not ready to take in the new result rather we express the inability by getting angry and agitated. We are unable to think rationally in such a situation and end up losing our peace. If we could stay a touch cool, on the ground and try to understand the happening, to accept the new outcome, we can gain a lot of peace and I’m pretty sure peace is followed by lot of happiness.

The moment we let an external incident to disturb our internal peace, we tend lose ourselves without realizing it. Let us take a simple example of a real incident which happens to everyone of us day in and day out, an erratic driver on the road honking un necessarily, we are disturbed by that type of a rider on the road, we tend to compete with that idiot on the road, we involve in verbal argument etc. that means we are prone to take that stress, we get agitated, we are voluntarily letting an external incident ruling us and taking over our senses. When we think a step ahead, can we do something to change that? Do we have any control on the erratic driver? What do we actually gain by getting disturbed? The answer is NOTHING rather we tend to poke our nose and we let our happiness for a toss, we end up becoming grumpy, which we could have avoided easily if we had understood that we do not gain anything by that. If we had developed a little bit of patience towards the things that we do not have a control or a say we can be at peace and stay happy.

Similarly there are lots of such small simple incidents which happen to us throughout the day where we end up intruding and disturbing our own peace, rather if we can tune ourselves to a frequency where such incidents are not even in the range we can save a lot of goodness and positivity for ourselves. If we are at peace our productivity doubles and the opposite happens when the negativity is high.
I agree it’s not an easy thing to stay aloof when we see something ridiculous happening in front of us but there is where we need to be a little stable, be on the ground, think rationally and differentiate the need to get agitated or to just ignore and move on. Tuning ourselves to something is the most difficult thing in the world, we get better when we can do that.

I truly have realized this and I’m working on this. I hope everyone who reads this is able to get the flavor of what I’m trying to convey

To sum up – Are we at peace, the answer is totally in our hands. No reasons, no if’s and But’s. Our Happiness is our Responsibility

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