Baby – An Action Movie on reality

Baby – An Action Movie on reality

Baby – An action sequenced fast movie from Neeraj Pandey depicting the reality and the current state of happenings in the space of terrorism

The message in the movie was pretty clear, the director strongly recommends that we as a nation and the authorities in power should be aggressive to any level to take decisions to stop or avoid any national level damage happening in the name of terrorism.

The movie was crisp, fast and breath-taking at times filled with action sequences. The dialogues have to be applauded, they were so short, crisp and clear which made the scenes elegant to watch rather than killing the essence with lengthy dialogues. The screenplay also needs a special mention. The movie is always on the move and the plots are well scripted and connected.

The climax of the movie hits its peak and it makes the heart skip a beat. It really did! Phenomenal screenplay there where it brought all the audience to the edge of their seats, claps claps.

The movie had the characters to its plus, it was well balanced and right in place. Akshay Kumar has done a decent performance after a long time proving his capabilities to do a serious role after a series of masala ones. Danny Denzongpa as the Anti Terrorism committee advisor/head has given an impressive performance. Taapsee was the surprise package of the lot in the movie. She shook all of us with an incredible fight stunt at the most important time. The muscled Rana Daggubati and the witty Anupam Kher are used to their best skills and have done justice to their roles.
On the whole Baby a movie in the reality which deals with the nation’s biggest problem – Terrorism. It’s a good watch and the climax makes it all better!

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