Badlapur – Revengeful Psycho thriller

Badlapur – Revengeful Psycho thriller

A good revengeful Psycho thriller based on a true story from Sriram Raghavan supported by extremely powerful acting from the casts especially Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Varun Dhawan

The movie runs on the famous line – “The Axe forgets but the Tree remembers”

The movie is in the dark and the grey most of the times and it has a lot of twists and turns and in the end it’s a thrilling roller coaster ride. I felt the tempo was a touch missing to take it to the supreme class, but there are a lot of scenes filled with vengeance, violence and agony which makes it different and unpredictable.

Now all the credits should be given to casts and their performances. Without any doubt Badlapur is Varun Dhawan’s best till date and not to forget Nawazuddin Siddiqui he was a class apart. He and Varun have competed with each other so well that both of them have outperformed

Varun was brilliant with his expressions let it be right from romance to cold-blooded murdering, he was amazing and was at his best. His acting was so intense and brutal that he made us all grooved to the edge of the seats. Nawazuddin made us all go bizzark with his easy go acting which he made it look so simple. He in fact lived the character to its perfection to prove that he was A man who had nothing to lose. Oh god he was marvellous in few scenes where he was cunning with a grin on his face, perfecto. Moving on to the next best in the movie, Huma Qureshi with an unconventional role,was very impressive in all the scenes and she fitted into the character so well and she differentiated it well with her body language. Yami Gautam didn’t have much to perform in the movie when compared to others.

The other add ons would be the two tracks Jee Karda and Judaai gives the movie a depth and it helped to create a stamp through it. Not to forget the screenplay and cinematography which was good and worth a mention.

To sum up Badlapur on the whole a good movie. I wouldn’t say the best except for the casts. It was sluggish at times and a bit out-of-place scenes in between but also the movie had its solid moments .

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