Deepak the Quiz Master!

Deepak the Quiz Master!

Firstly Many thanks to the Funsters Team of Hexaware technologies, Chennai for giving me the opportunity to host the Power play cricket quiz for my fellow hexawareans. Special thanks to Divya Ashok and Raghav for trusting me, my ability and for giving me the privilege to be the quiz master of the evening on 25th March 2015 – the day before the big India Vs Australia 2015 WC Semi final.

Myself, Divya Ashok and Raghav were just casually chatting about the worldcup and having a cup of coffee at out office cafeteria, Raghav was mentioning that he wanted to conduct some employee connect event related to cricket to catch up with the worldcup fever and that was the time my dear friend Divya Ashok brought up my name into the discussion to be the quiz master, many thanks to her.

So the discussions matured and we decided to conduct the quiz program on the day before the big Semi Final. As a diehard cricket fan I was really excited when it got confirmed that I would be hosting the quiz for my fellow colleagues. The love which I had for the game truly woke up within me and I was really pumped up. From childhood I have been a constant viewer of the ESPN school cricket quiz, Wisden cricket quiz programs and Harsha Bhogle the host of one such show, and one of my all time favorite personalities in the world. The dreams went high when I got the opportunity to host one such a show

Now comes the real challenge of preparing the questions for the prelims, we had received 50 team nominations to participate with 3 participants in each team. I was really overwhelmed by the response received and that really hiked up my energy level. I started browsing all the cricket websites, YouTube videos etc to frame the MCQ paper for the prelims. I was confused and my fingers were crossed throughout the prelims question preparation process, I was wondering on how to pace the questions and the difficulty level. I didn’t want it to be too easy nor too tough were people end up getting disappointed. I was really having the big doubt on what’s easy and what’s not. In the end I came up with 50 questions and the prelims went on great as planned.

12 teams qualified for the final which was scheduled the very next day. Now started my next big challenge of preparing for the main quiz with a lot of enthusiastic participants and audience in mind. That night was a sleepless one for me. I wanted to do a quiz program of high quality and close to reality… I went to youtube and watched a lot of those quiz shows again and started preparing for my show.

I picked a lot of ideas for the names of the rounds, scoring patterns etc from the programs.. The night went on very interesting and it was almost 3.30 Am when I brought my deck of questions to a shape. I had framed the quiz for 3 rounds – the Power Play, the Middle Over’s and the Slog over’s. I had Doosra’s and Googly’s in between which were tricky questions. I had decided my Scoring pattern would be in 2’s,4’s and 6’s. I also gave the teams overthrows (Passes) and Hit wicket for a Wrong answer in the pass. I also had bouncers and full tosses where the teams could score a six with it or lose a wicket. On the whole I had aligned the complete quiz show with cricketing terminologies. I had a lot of Visual and audio based questions for which I received a lot of positive resonance from the teams

The entire show went very interesting with a lot of energetic audience who were on the edge of their seats to answer their part of questions. Though we had a lot of operational issues in scoring and the transitioning between the audio and video slides, we did a decent job which was appreciated by everyone.. On the whole it was a very good evening for me as an amateur quiz master. I got a lot of positive feedback from my fellow mates as well. I was glad when I was given feedback on the show even after a week when I met few colleagues at various junctures

On the whole the entire journey was fun-filled one for me because I learnt more about the game, I enjoyed every minute of it as I was more attached to the game in the process of preparation and hosting. I was able to discover something new within me, thanks to everyone for the support. Thanks to Hexaware again !

Thanks to Sayandeep, Bala and Karthik who were a part of the team who helped me with the operational stuffs for the show such as Scoring, time keeping and the AV requirements

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