Earth Day

Earth Day

Today, April 22 2015 is the Earth day. It is one of the largest civic event in the world. It is celebrated in 192 countries by more than a billion people of varied backgrounds, religion, nationality and belief’s.

This is the day which reminds us about our environmental duties and responsibilities. We all have become very complacent in a way that we have started taking things for granted and we have been giving the least importance for the betterment of the environment.

Let us do something nice for the earth and the surrounding in which we live. Let us facilitate a healthy environment for the next generation to lead a similar life. Let us not be selfish and exhaust all the natural resources which we have got. Let us strive to protect and build a better future. Let us commit ourselves to protect our environment.

It’s already too late, we have already depleted a lot of natural resources without thinking about the aftereffects. A few examples are cutting of trees, extensive usage of plastics, deforestation, limitless usage of papers, misuse of non-renewable energy sources, careless usage of electricity, selfish fuel consumption, wastage of water and many more… The list can go and on. We never think about what takes to create that, what happens if it’s overused, what will happen if it is not available for the next generation or anything of that sort.

We have become so selfish in a way that we don’t care even to keep our surroundings clean, we do not take any responsibility in also disposing the trash in a proper way, we do not think of switching off the electronic devices/appliances when not used, we do not even attempt to reduce the usage of tissue papers, paper cups/plates, plastic bags etc.. We do not bother to plan and use the water, we waste it just because it is available at free of cost.

On the whole what I’m trying to say here is we need to improve in all the above aspects, just because we get the above at free of cost or at an affordable price we can’t take it for granted and misuse it. We need to have a sense of responsibility and ensure the resources are preserved for the future, we need to ensure we leave the environment in a safe way with the resources for the next generation to lead a healthy life.

Already global warming, ozone layer depletion are big scientific topics on their own let’s not get into such complex stuff rather lets change in the smallest way possible.

1. Let’s not litter the surroundings, let’s not throw rubbish anywhere and everywhere, let’s make it a point we throw it in the nearest available dustbin.

2. Let’s reduce the usage of paper/plastic cups, plates and spoons etc…

3. Let’s ensure we use the reusable ones.

4. Let’s not waste paper, let’s go electronic, we have become so modern and digitized but we still don’t hesitate to take any print out. Let’s avoid taking print outs, let’s use the technology to the max possible.

5. Let’s minimize the usage and consumption of electricity and fuel.

6. Let’s plant seeds and wish them to grow as big trees, let’s create a green environment for our and our future’s healthy living.

7. For all the men around, let’s not urinate in all corners and electric posts available just because it’s possible, let’s try to become more ethical and learn from the ladies on how to manage the urge.

8. Whenever we go to any tourist place, let’s not be lethargic by littering around rather help them to maintain the place in a good state for everyone to visit. Let’s be good ethical tourists.Let’s not harm, throw plastic in zoo’s. Let’s help the care takers to preserve the species.

The above list can go on and on, we have so many simple things which we can do and make it a practice in our daily life without making any impact or change to our lifestyle. It just needs a sense of responsibility and awareness. Let’s commit ourselves and make a wish for the future.

Let’s save the environment, lets save the resources for the future, lets preserve/create a healthy and green environment for us and our next generation.

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