Fear of Change

Fear of Change

Are we afraid about a change when we know it’s coming our way ? Why is that?

We always freak out and get a little agitated when we hear about a change coming our way or when we are facing it. Right from starting or leaving a job, a change in the status of a personal relationship, a change of place, losing or gaining somebody,a habit, anything and everything with the word change puts us in a very uncomfortable zone. We always prefer to stay within our comfort zone and we are confined to it.

We always have a fear of anything new, this is because we have a lot of IF’s and BUT’s in our mind. We have a lot of preconceptions within us which refuses to accept the change. We fear of the uncertainty ahead of us, we fear when there is a foggy view instead of the usual clear sunny road. The fear is because we have a lot of self-doubts, we are not confident enough whether we will be successful. We fear the failure. We fear to face the criticism after the failure.

Let’s get it out of our minds, let’s start embracing the change. Let’s be ready for it. Let’s challenge the change and welcome it with our hands wide. We need to approach a change with a positive attitude. Attitude is what matters here and nothing else. If we feel we are going to rock it we will and if we feel the other way we will definitely be a loser. The change is an attraction. When we throw positivity it will attract it.

We need to detach all the unseen connections in the form of thoughts present within us which tie us and our mind, which in turn doesn’t allow to look at the change in a positive way and it creates a doubt and fear around it. In fact we all need to experience change frequently. We should never become too complacent with anything. We should be on the move always.

The initial phase of a change is always challenging, it’s our talent on how we handle the initial days of the change. We need to be smart enough to hold on the initial days of the change, stay calm and believe that everything would be all right. Keeping cool is the key here. It’s not an easy job as said. Think about a roller coaster ride, we would be shit scared for the few seconds of the ride later we would get used to it and start enjoying the rush in it and call it an adventure. The change is a similar one. It’s very tough to stay positive right from the word go when everything is blurred in front. It’s the sternness we need to possess to withstand the new feel and experience. Once we see of the new phase and cross it, we would start enjoying it. Then we would fear of the next change. This is a cycle. If we flash our memories we had a fear when we were moving from primary school to secondary school, we had butterflies in our stomach when we moved from school to college. We had a sense of fear and doubt on the first day of our job. We have always had changes in life but the fear never left us neither did we!!

Going forward let’s make constant efforts to face the change with a smile and welcome it with a positive intent. Let’s be ready for the fun in the new rather than fearing it. Let’s not worry about the result of it before starting it. Let’s give in our best and win the battle between the old and the new !

P.S : I have written this post after some personal experiences

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