Focus – A Con artist

Focus – A Con artist

A good fun-filled exciting movie which revolves around a con artist mixed with humor! The movie is well spread and engaging without any seriousness. It’s a playful no brainer movie.

A very light easygoing breezy one which keeps up with the pace and shows us the attitude and life of a con man who is filled with false statements and lies. The movie emphasises that focus of a con man is all about using another person’s lack of concentration and making it to your benefit. He succeeds by creating a distraction, drawing a person’s attention, building up a plot, deceiving etc.

Will Smith as Nick is the solid charming con man with arrogant attitude on the screen filled with confidence. He was a pro in doing it and was a pleasure watching his supremacy again. The new face Margot Robbie who acted as Jess was gorgeous and electrifying, she didn’t look like a new face at all and she is definitely a star in the making. The chemistry between them was amazing and to keep it going till the end there were a lot of intimate scenes. Rodrigo Santoro as Gariga the F1 tycoon was also good and played his part very well. He was well assisted by his body-guard Gerald McRaney’s acting. He played the suspicious bodyguard’s role to perfection.

The dialogues definitely needs a special mention, they were crisp, elusive and laughable. The direction also was neat, simple and supported by good cinematography. The climax of the movie had twists and turns which were unexpected and it was engaging.

On the whole, Focus an enjoyable movie assisted with awesome acting by all the casts. The movie is far from reality but worth a watch and as usual Will Smith steals the show !

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