Furious Wahab Riaz

Furious Wahab Riaz

He could have won it Singlehanded!!!

Keeping favouritism and the rest apart, today as a cricket fan I loved what I witnessed. I was mesmerised and completely taken back!! It was one of the best, furious and taunting spell of fast bowling from Wahab Riaz

When Wahab was batting, he was bombarded with expressions, comments and questions like whether he was holding the bat, he has to hit the white thing etc ! He was stirred up by those and see what Watson had to face 90 minutes later as an answer to all that was thrown at him!

Did anyone expect that from Wahab Riaz ?? Have we ever witnessed such an incident where an Australian is stranded at the crease not knowing what to do ? Shane Watson looked pale and scandalised for a while.

When Shane Watson entered the crease he was treated with full faced anguish bouncer from Wahab Riaz. Watson dipped and stood speechless after facing the first delivery. He was treated with series of similar unplayable deliveries where he ducked, hopped and did everything possible to survive the over. His helmet and grills were almost taken off, they escaped in a whisker. He looked lost and looked totally uncomfortable. To add insult to injury Wahab taunted him more by giving him a flying kiss, he was clapping in front of his face and did all sorts of sarcastic gestures to aggravate Shane Watson. He succeeded in humiliating Watson and he made him hook a shortball from nowhere which went straight up in the air top edging Watsons willow, unfortunately he was dropped!! Later in the game even Maxwell was dropped which really hurt Pakistan, else Wahab could have won it for them.

Though the result and the scorecard doesn’t reflect the above, many will not forget the raw, deadly bouncers bowled by Wahab to Watson ! Wahab demands a lot of respect as a bowler after such a spell of aggressive fast bowling.

I truly loved it as a cricket fan keeping all preconceptions away !!

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