Happy Womens Day

Happy Womens Day

March 8th 2015 – 107th International Women’s day

Women, the most beautiful creation in the world when i say beautiful i refer to their attributes such as love, affection, selflessness, sacrifice etc… Women are way far ahead of men but the world has created a mirage over it to foresee it in a different way. Women have all the attributes in them which we as Men don’t have by nature and creation. Men cannot handle the things which women can do with ease. Men are physically powerful and women are powerful with everything else except this one. Thats the beauty behind the creation.

A woman is a blend and a mixture of everything, name it and they have it. They make the place livable and they add a meaning to our life, our existence. A man go can go miles with a women by his side. The success of a man is deeply attached to the love he receives from either his mother/sister or his better half. In fact Thats the reason we say they are the better half of a man smile emoticon

Without women i don’t believe anything could be smooth in this world! Everything is evolved around the love which we receive from them. They deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis but they don’t have any source to vent it out, rather they carry themselves in such a way as if they don’t need it. They carry all the burdens of a family right from the finances to the resources and ensure everything is smooth at the end of the day. They strive hard to strike the balance between their family life and professional life. They lead a selfless life, a life for others mostly. Their happiness evolves around their people. They know only to show love, unconditional love.

Having said all this I know and i deeply regret for the fact that in today’s scenario they don’t get the respect they deserve. They are still facing significant obstacles in achieving the gender parity. They don’t have the basic safety and comfort which they need for a happy living. They are being bombarded with suggestions and commands on how to live and lead life from all directions. I agree that the society that we are in does no good to protect the women nor give them the cushion which they deserve after doing so much.

As a man i raise my palms folded and say a Big Sorry for letting all that happen, for not standing by the side to stop such incidents. But we are reforming i can assure you that this situation will not continue. We are wide awake now and we are marching loud in the way to improve the situation. I’m sure we will give what you need very soon. Trust us as you have been doing all these years and now we wont disappoint you.

On this day, I will and I suggest all men to say it aloud
We will Stand by you, Stand for you, Fight for you rights and Safety.

We Will listen to you, We will respect you, we will not look at you as pleasure materials

We will understand and value your differences, we will believe you and let you do things as you wish and we will not impose any rules.

Happy Women’s Day to my Mom, Sisters, cousins, relatives, friends , colleagues and to all the women in the world. Thank you for all your support and goodness. You love is what which keeps the world going !!

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