How to accept a compliment?

How to accept a compliment?

Everyone loves appreciation, recognition and compliments. We all eagerly wait to be noticed/appreciated by our friends, colleagues, loved ones etc.. We wait to hear a compliment from them on our attire, work, performance etc.. We feel really good within us when someone appreciate us

The biggest question here is do we know how to accept a compliment or an appreciation gracefully?

Most of the times we wait to be complimented but we let us down when we actually receive it. 9 out of 10 times we downplay or defer a compliment. For example when a friend compliments on a good work our immediate response would most likely be “oh that was nothing great, anyone could have done it”. This statement simply puts the one who complimented in an awkward position and on a back foot. The person will never compliment again.

We got to learn to accept compliments and appreciations gracefully. The most simple and powerful way to accept a compliment is to say “Thank You for your kind words, I really appreciate it” with a pleasant smile. There a lot of people who mumble these words to oneself and make the situation very uncomfortable for both the parties. We got to be loud and clear with a positive body language which showcases our confidence.
Also We should never try to re-compliment the other person immediately in the same situation when we receive a compliment, that shows that we are in secured and we are low in confidence. For example when someone congratulates on our good work, we tend to respond “You did a better job than me and you know it”. That statement is putting oneself down and make the one feel inferior.

Let’s learn to acknowledge appreciations and say Thank you with a smile on any situation and learn to accept compliments gracefully.

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