India’s Daughter

India’s Daughter

The India’s daughter documentary is a slap on the face for all the citizen’s of India. What has changed since 2012 or may be much before. We have hearing about N number of rape cases almost once in 3 days or so happening right from schools to colleges to govt offices etc..

We have heard and witnessed a documentary on one of the brutal ones and yet There is no change nor a solution to such inhuman activities which happen in our society. I feel terrible when such incidents are happening In the same society where we happily live our lives and be contended with it. We can stay that way till our beloved ones are safe.

The change for this has to be from a holistic point of view rather than being an emotional one or for the time solution. It needs to be a thoughtful one which in deed should create a change, a noticeable difference and reduce the number of incidents. I truly believe the solution to this has to come from all directions.

For every problem in our country if we narrow down to the root cause, the ultimate reason would be the population and the number of people who live below the poverty line.About 50% of the overall population are poor and below the poverty line who do not have a reason to live neither lives a healthy nor a happy life. They live in a surrounding where there is no quality of life and no meaning to it. The culture and activities are so inhuman and ugly that they get very complacent with it. They are the main ones who indulge in such activities. We as a country need to somehow bring up a working model in order to reduce the ratio and try to inculcate some sense into such people. I believe firstly education is the way to put some sense into the brain of such people.

The interview given by Mukesh is the typical reflection of thoughts of a guy who doesn’t have a reason to live nor a life to lead. We get furious listening to his interview only because we have the sense in us to know whats right, wrong, brutal, inhuman etc.. A person like Mukesh will not know. How do we put that sense into their brains is the biggest question mark. Mukesh can be hanged, but im sure there are 1000’s of Mukesh throughout the country. How do we bring a change and a solution to this ??

How are we as a country going to figure out practical solution to such problems? How do you think we can change the mindsets of such illiterates. Death Sentence will create fear but not change the mind.

I truly believe women have equal responsibilities and rights to perform any activity which they feel is right. At the same time we need to know and truly believe that they are their best judges and they know what to do and what not to.When the society gives so much importance and freedom to the men, its our responsibility in order to reflect the same to the other gender. We are not in 1950 or 1980 were the definition of life, culture, women were different. The world is evolving and we need to along with our thoughts and basics. It’s definitely not on our part to say Women should dress like this, should not go there, here, time, with whom etc.. We as men need to ensure and provide at most safety and protection to every women in the country. Whenever there is an issue we need to raise the flags and ensure its risen high enough that its seen.

After seeing the documentary im terribly disturbed by the fact that so much has changed in the world, life, society, culture, status etc but certain basic prime things have not changed even 0.1%. It gives a sick feeling and most of all because we are not able to put an end to it neither figure out a solution to it being right there amidst the happenings

I’m blank and emotional but we need to change, we need to be the change, we need to cultivate the change, we need to institutionalize the change, we need to change !

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