My Journey – 5 Years with Hexaware

My Journey – 5 Years with Hexaware

“Building a great career is a marathon, not a sprint”

August 2nd 2015 – Is definitely a very important day for me. A day to sit and look back on my journey with Hexaware Technologies since August 2nd 2010, the day I joined as a fresher. During my initial days I never had any thoughts on my career or foresighted vision or a dream role which many had on what they wanted to become whether a developer or a tester or DBA or network analyst or what so ever. I was just going by the wind as people usually say. I just took up the opportunities those came my way but wasn’t completely into any. I was doing my day job but I wasn’t doing anything beyond that I felt the passion was missing a bit. I missed that urge in me to strive, work smarter and to make a career out of it. I was able to decide one thing for sure by this time that I didn’t want to see myself doing a similar job years down the lane and that wasn’t my cup of tea. Having said all this I would say these days definitely helped me to become a better professional, it helped me to learn a lot, realize the importance of staying calm during pressure situations, to understand the complete IT industry and the dynamics involved in it. It also helped me to understand the career path’s available in the industry.

As those days passed by slowly and firmly I was able to identify the passion within me and I was able to visualize a career for myself in the similar lines. I was able to decide on what I wanted to be 5 years down the lane and 10 and more. I was paid off for the wait here, Hexaware gave me an opportunity to pursue a new role, a new career close to my interests and that’s the day I had to take the bigger step of taking up an opportunity in the unknowns. I had to trust my inner soul and take the big leap and that was the turning point in my professional life and no looking back since been. My yard has been as green since that day.

I was very excited at the same time my mind was filled with doubts and anxiety though I personally opted for the change and the new role, I had the fear of the change within me, I was scared if I would be successful, I was skeptical within myself on the outcomes, I was thinking what if it doesn’t work well, will I be get back to my old day job and a lot of such thoughts were lingering in my mind. I had to believe in myself, I had to give in my fullest to get me accustomed to the new role, I had to stay calm, focus and work hard during the initial days, I did those and after that I slowly started to enjoy my work, I got the job satisfaction and the connect which was missing earlier. I was able to work with passion and interest. I was able to feel confident and proudly say that it was worth the change.

The Monday’s, Friday’s, Saturdays & Sunday’s were no different for me. The work timings didn’t make any impact on me, I was energetic and at my best even during the long days where I would end up working till 2AM. I was able to perform better and more efficiently and the reason behind it was the happiness and satisfaction which I got after completing my work. At the same time I wouldn’t say it was easy or a cake walk, I too had my bad days. I just had to do one thing during those days, stay focused and to work towards my interest and passion and it brought all the results. I just took every day as a learning and started working the next day as a better person than the previous one. I was also able to understand the truth that the bad days don’t come to shake us off or destroy us rather it helps us to fight, strive for survival and gets the best out of us.

I would like to state a very famous Quote here

“What you believe about employees come out in how you treat them. How you treat them ultimately determines how effectively you engage them”

I’m very happy and elated to say that Hexaware has treated me so well and engaged me to the maximum. It’s been a wonderful journey filled with opportunities which gave me an excellent platform to learn and grow along the organization. I am thankful and grateful to all the vibrant Hexawarians, my seniors, colleagues, mentors and my dear friends who accompanied me in this journey professionally and personally.

At this juncture, I’m proud to say that I have a made a career for myself in these 5 years, I have found my passion and aligned my career to that. I have a plan and dream ahead, I’m also aware of the challenges ahead of me and I’m pretty sure that I would climb all the way up with the learnings from the day to day happenings and reach the top as a much better professional.

“One person with Passion is better than 40 disengaged employees”

I can proudly say that I’m a passionate employee and I can support it with the progress I have made in the past.

Thank you Hexaware!!!

I’m running my Marathon, I’m focused and on the track. I will finish it

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