OK Kanmani – A terrific modern love story

OK Kanmani – A terrific modern love story

ManiRatnam is back with a bang. A film for the youth with a practical outlook on the modern relationship – “The living together” shot in the urban city of India –Mumbai. He could not have got anything more right with the choice of Mumbai. It suited the movie, the script and everything so well without any discrepancy.

A Technically brilliant film with a thin one liner as the base. The movie had simply Stunning visuals, bright colorful lighting, fresh flowing BGM and down to earth dialogues in its bag for its support. Success is ensured when so many things fall in the right place for a movie and what not to bring the best man back in form.

Mani Ratnam is a director who believes in choosing the right actors for his films. He scores full marks with Dulquer,Nithya & Leela Samson..

The innocence and reality in Tara (Nithya Menen) the cool lover buy Adi (Dulquer) took the movie to the next league. P.C Sreeram and A.R.Rahman were right on the money as usual. They have given the best for the script and they have done thorough justice and added life to Maniratnam’s script.

The movie makes an emotional connect with the audience and gives Goosebumps at a lot of scenes and all credits to Adi and Tara for that, their chemistry on the screen was marvelous and they didn’t act infact they lived their characters. Not to forget Leela Samson (Bhavani) and Prakash Raj(Ganapathy) who truly stitched the movie together along with the flamboyant young couple. The nuances in the scenes between the matured couple added a sweet flavor to the movie. They played an integral part in a very subtle manner to explain the togetherness and love which is necessary between a couple for life.

The movie lingers around the intricacies in a relationship, the modern relationship & the classic love. He has balanced the movie well to bring out the truth with leela and Nithya in the right way.

The movie is also filled with simple colloquial amazing dialogues which made it even more realistic. The feel the dialogues gave, cannot be explained in words, they were simply superb and picture perfect.

On the whole Maniratnam could not have used his resources better than this. A complete movie which had everything in place. Hats off to the complete team for bringing such a lovely colorful lovable movie depicting the modern age love!

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