Before I pen down my views and thoughts about the movie, I would like to stress on one aspect here. Everyone is well aware of the Malayalam thriller Drishyam, I’m sure everyone loved the movie, Mohan Lal’s characterization and acting. He had taken the script and the movie to the next level and added excellence to the movie, no doubts on that. Now it’s time for Papanasam, I truly believe that we shouldn’t compare both the movies, the castes and the other aspects between the two. When we enter the comparison arena we will certainly get disappointed either ways because both the movies were excellent in their own ways. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. So let’s not compare the instances rather enjoy their excellence’s individually.

Papanasam : For people who haven’t seen Drishyam, this is definitely an amazing, flawless thriller. It’s a must watch. The script is so solid, unique and fantastic.

3 Best things in the movie – Kamal Hassan, Gowtami and MS Bhaskar. Kamal Hassan was brilliant to watch in the bigscreen as a simple countryside uneducated small scale business man. He played the role to perfection. It was great to watch him in this character after all the big charismatic characters in Viswaroopam, Uthama Villan etc. He portrayed so many subtle expressions which were so intense and added a lot of emotion and meaning to the scenes. As a simple common man, he has done full justice as Suyambulingam. The innocence in his words, expressions and acting made us believe in him and the script.

When you think of what next, Gowtami was a surprise package after years in the big screen. She carried herself so well that it didn’t look like she was back to business after years, she was ready from the word go. She played the role of an innocent house wife whose world revolved around her husband and her daughters and nothing else. It never looked like she has come back to act after years. She was very natural and impressive.

MS Bhaskar is adding a lot of value to all the movies he is acting and he is making a significant impact to the movies by his intense acting and expressions. He is a complete package. He just lives the character irrespective of the dynamics of it. Right from comedy to intense roles he does an amazing job. Lately his performance in Uthama villan was lauded and now here as well he played his small part well and neat.

The climax of the movie was amazing and the best in the tamil version of the movie. Kamal Hassan killed the scene to perfection with his natural acting, facial expressions, body language and the dialogue delivery. Everything was so intense and his acting added a lot of meaning and value to the scene and the script more than anything else. Everybody was able to feel the pinch of it and had to sides to standby.

I felt the BGM and the songs could have been a little better and engaging. The songs were stale and didn’t catch the ears at all. Rest everything in the movie was amazing and a must watch.

Before I end, for people who still feel both Drishyam & Papanasam should be compared, weighed and judged. I would say both the movies were excellent in their own ways. Mohan Lal was so simple, calm, composed and cold in Drishyam and he was amazing in the first half of the movie and in the plotting scenes. He did it with ease and his simplistic acting was mesmerizing. As said above Kamal Hassan in Papanasam was great in the second half of the movie and the climax with his intense acting. His emotions, expressions and dialogue delivery was brilliant in the end.

On the whole in my opinion – the first half of Drishyam and the second half of Papanasam is the right mix and you can’t take any credit away either from Mohan Lal or Kamal Hassan both of them have out performed each other in various instances.

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