The best Team Won!

The best Team Won!

Of course as an ardent cricket fan I’m disheartened with today’s result, but at the same time let’s look back and cherish and be happy about how far we have come in this tournament. Let’s revisit on how our thoughts were when the tournament started. To say a few, we were not out of the impact of the Australian series, we were morally down, we were regrouping. We were not sure if Dhawan would be opening the innings, we were not sure how the inexperienced Shami, Yadav would perform as the lead bowlers. Having said all that, now let’s re think on where we are today. Dhawan who was not sure whether he would be opening has performed really played well in this tournament, he gave us starts almost every match. Shami, Umesh and Mohit were way above words, we cant explain how well they performed as a bowling unit. The trios were just to the best. Did we expect all these? Lets smile and be proud of what we have done from what we were.

Today, we were very unfortunate to lose the toss which was the key factor in the game. Next to that, we couldn’t slow down the Australian innings and we couldn’t stop Smith from scoring, they were cruising away to a score more than 350. Thanks to our awesome bowlers who did a fantastic job in the batting power play to bring us back into the game by picking wickets. Chasing a 325+ score in a high pressure game is never an easy thing. We needed something extraordinary from our batsman today which was missing. Dhawan and Rohit gave us a good start. Unfortunately Kohli couldn’t continue and perished to a poor shot. Let’s not be harsh on him for that, he has played such an innings in pressure for us day in and day out in the last 3 years. It just didn’t come together today for us. We need to accept that Australia outplayed us in all parts of the game. They were way above us and they deserved to win today. Let’s say that.

We can keep finding faults on each individual, on everyone’s shot selection etc. At the end let’s think how down we were before the tournament after the test series with Australia and the tri series. Many didn’t believe that we would even qualify for the quarter finals. We need to appreciate Dhoni for bringing everything together, putting up such a spirited show. He was on the money with his proactive captaincy in this tournament. In the end let’s move on with a smile!

May the best teams play the finals

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