A decent and a different movie which showcases some real hard truth of life. It’s a movie in a movie by itself. It typically portrays the two sides of a flamboyant hero and the private life of the same person. The movie plays around few major aspects of life – Birth, existence, death, culture, tradition etc…

Uttama Villan is again a different try from Kamal and what has he not done in it – right from Story to screenplay. It is not for everybody and if you are expecting an entertainer – I’m sorry you will be disappointed. Its Kamals brilliance which is special in the movie. It’s the fine thin message which he is trying to convey through his phenomenal acting.

Kamal Hassan as usual excels in his acting and screen presence. He has again given a performance which is unbeatable and unimaginable to be performed by anyone at his age. He carried the movie well throughout with his charismatic acting and expressions in both the contrasting roles which he performed.

The story tries to convey the 2 golden truths of life –

1. Every beginning has an end

2. Everyone in the world has 2 sides to them.

The message was well conveyed in fact a few scenes were very true and very emotional. The story also runs in parallel depicting the same message by showcasing our traditional music, arts and drama and it also conveys a message that arts and culture never die and there are no end to such things, we the followers keep changing.

On the other castes, Balachandar Sir was a pleasure to watch on the screen, his acting had so much depth, involvement and emotions. A great last movie for the legend to be remembered. Not to forget MS Bhaskar who gave a complete performance. He is a true character artist and gave a thoroughly convincing presence to the movie. Pooja Kumar was a touch overboard at places, not sure if her role demanded that but it would have been a little pleasing to watch if she had paced down a little.

Looking at the other aspects in the movie, it was a little draggy at a lot of places. It could have been more crisp and engaging. Few scenes were very elaborate which in fact didn’t add any value or create any impact in the movie, the editing could have been better. Secondly the music and background scoring could have been better, Kamal has been playing a lot with young budding musicians whereas his scripts and movies demand the legendary musicians to create the impact to the movie.

On the whole a good movie with few true facts of life but a little draggy at places and a touch lengthy one. I would say only people who like different movies and Kamal fans would enjoy the movie because it’s all about his acting and screen presence. People who expect entertainers will be disappointed.

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