What is Autism? It’s not a disability it is just a difficulty!

What is Autism? It’s not a disability it is just a difficulty!

On this day, April 2nd, 2015 is the eighth annual World Autism awareness day let’s educate ourselves on what Autism is all about, let’s accept them and extend our support to them!

Firstly are you aware that April month is known as Autism awareness month, to be known in the future as autism acceptance month? I have tried to collate and sum up what Autism is all about

Autism is related to varied level brain development known as ASD – Autism Spectrum disorder. It is a lifelong brain, neuro developmental disorder. Asperger syndrome is a type of autism disorder. Asperger syndrome is nothing but the variation of degrees in how a person perceives the external world, the happenings around, how a person understands anything. An individual with autism may be really good in one thing and may feel other things a little difficult for example; an individual may be really good at reading, but have to work harder in writing, he or she may be really good at every sport, but finds it tough to speak. It’s just that they are good at one thing and they need to work harder for the rest.

As of 2010 the rate of autism is estimated at about 1–2 per 1,000 people worldwide, and it occurs four to five times more often in boys than girls. Autism is caused by a genetic disorder, and it’s known as a hereditary one. As of now there is no known treatment for it and the researchers have not been able to find the genes which are responsible for the same.

Autism is not common among every autistic individual and it does not have a similar disorder pattern. Each individual with autism is almost unique. Autistic individuals display many forms of repetitive behavior such as Hand-flapping, jumping up and down a lot, or rocking back and forth etc…It is just a way of expressing according to them, a way to express their happiness, joy, to keep them happy to communicate etc.

No one “looks” autistic. When a person is autistic, it just means their brain works differently. Nobody can tell that someone is autistic just by looking at them, we can identify only when the person does something weird. They are just different in expressing and in their actions.

We need to educate ourselves and everybody around us especially kids on what autism is all about because every child may know one kid with autism and interacts with him or her on a daily basis. If they are aware of such kids they are less likely to bully other kids who are struggling from autism. When we talk to kids about accepting the different behavior of kids in their class, they also learn to accept the differences in skin colors, accents, clothing brands, religious beliefs, music preferences etc.

We all need to understand that they are just different and not indifferent, they may not know to express properly but they do have feelings, they may not look at us but they do have a vision, they may not understand everything from the word go but they do have brains which is a bit slow, they just have some difficulty and not a disability. Let’s support them, accept them and understand them. Let’s not look at what they cannot do rather look at what they are good at, let’s not think that they don’t understand the way we talk rather we can talk in a way that they can understand.

“Let’s Understand what Autism is, it’s just a difficulty and not a disability. Lets support them and let’s not try to cure or differentiate them”

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