What is Lens N Pens

What is Lens N Pens

I am Deepak Kaliappan and this is my first post in my Blog ‘Lens N Pens’. A humble request to all the readers of this post – Please do read the ‘About Me’ post in my website www.lensnpens.com which will give you a good idea of who I am and what are my intentions behind this blogging exercise.

Though I am sure that most of you would have made your own guesses behind the significance of the terms – ‘Lens N Pens’, let me also emphasis the same. When I say Lens, I refer to my Eyes ie; what I see and visualise and the term Pens refers to my perception ie; how I understand and my thoughts related to it.

Life is all about perception! Each one of us is different from one-another and there are no two people who think the same or see the same. All of us have different ideology and understanding about same incident/situation and guess what the best part is? We are all right in our own way!


folks, I have started this blogging exercise in order to share my views and perceptions on the simple things happening around our society on a day-today basis.

So as the saying goes, “Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts”.

Hence as


I request you to voice out your opinion/comment on all my posts so that I get better and better in the process of my new journey towards writing! Cheers!

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